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Husband and wife: Ryan & Breanne
vermont_wedding_photographer041 copy

ceremony & reception: Hawk Mountain Resort, Plymouth VT

cake: Perrin Williams, The Cakery

flowers: Ellen Snyder Floral Design

You may remember the recent e-shoot I post of Ryan and Breanne, shot in Burlington in the midst of pouring rain. Although from that shoot I knew this couple would be up for anything, I was so happy that they got a break from the weather for their big day at the Hawk Mountain Resort in Plymouth, Vermont. This was my first visit to “the Hawk” and it was a very romantic, intimate setting.

The day started as I went to see the girls. I spent a few moments capturing some of the day’s details, but was quickly diverted by the pre-wedding dance party going on! Have I mentioned I love fun crowds?!

Jason visited the guys who in contrast were very coolly playing pool. But they received some intel that the girls were having quite the time so they were worried that they needed to step it up.

Ryan and Breanne opted for a “First Look” prior to the ceremony and after kicking out some sneak-peeking family members they had a nice quiet reveal to themselves in this cute nook near the bridal suite.

We wandered the grounds for a bit to grab some sweet couple shots.

They were such an expressive couple it was so fun to get their portraits.

We were also able to get the bulk of the group formals out of the way prior to the ceremony and I just had to share this “tender” moment shared by the groomsmen!

The Hawk has a perfect wooded walking bridge for a nice long procession to the ceremony.

I love to see real emotions during the ceremony.

Just married!

Another photo on the bridge.

Bre and her Dad share a nice moment together during the cocktail hour.

Gotta love college buddies!

The tent and decor were very romantically decorated. The flowers by Ellen Snyder Floral Design were so bright and beautiful.

My favorite from the couple’s first dance… Once the real dancing started there wouldn’t be too many more quiet moments the rest of the evening!

There were a couple of little guys who provided me with some funny dancing shots. This guy was a little overshadowed by the adults…

And this guy demonstrated his break dancing skills. And I’d like to just mention that this is just one of many weddings I’ve been to in the past couple of years where the under-12 crowd really busted the break-dancing moves. I don’t know where this trend is coming from, but I looove it!

The bride rocked the dance floor with her ladies.

And the bride’s brother hopped up on stage to belt out a tune!

Congratulations to Ryan and Breanne. I’m so happy that the day turned out so perfectly for such a deserving couple.

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