I’ll be working with you in the final months leading up to the wedding to craft a group wedding portraits list and photography schedule. Being organized gives me more freedom to be creative! My goal for the group portraits is to capture the must-haves without going overboard. We will have an outline drafted which you can distribute ahead of time. The number one reason for formals taking longer than expected is because of a missing person! Let them know where to be and when to be ready.

[flo_one_third padding=”20px 20px 20px 20px” class=”” ] [flo_team_member image_url=”http://stinaboothweddings.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/06groupweddingportraits_blissridge_studiosb.jpg” name=”Short & Sweet” job=”” description=” There’s only so much time in a wedding day so the formals list should be only the absolute “must have” groups. Usually this includes immediate family only with grandparents and the wedding party. To make sure you get to your wedding on schedule, allow at least one hour to cover all the group shots. I work hard to make it go faster but with so many variables its better to plan more than enough time.” social=”” ] [/flo_one_third] [flo_one_third padding=”20px 20px 20px 20px” class=”” ] [flo_team_member image_url=”http://stinaboothweddings.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/03groupweddingportraits_grandislelakehouse_studiosb.jpg” name=”Fabulous” job=”” description=”Make sure all flowers and boutonnieres are delivered on time and affixed to family members and to the wedding party in advance, especially for pre-ceremony formals. Communicate with your florist if you’re planning to have a First Look so that they can deliver your florals ahead of time. If they are early enough I like to grab some detail shots of those during the getting ready stage.” social=”” ] [/flo_one_third] [flo_one_third padding=”20px 20px 20px 20px” class=”” ] [flo_team_member image_url=”http://stinaboothweddings.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/01groupweddingportraits_shelburne_studiosb.jpg” name=”Formal then Fun” job=”” description=”I always start with the largest groups and work my way down. If the formal portraits will be done post-ceremony, family photos are done first followed by the wedding party and finally the couple. With a First Look schedule I start with the couple with the wedding party next and family photos either just prior to or just following the ceremony.” social=”” ] [/flo_one_third]


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Navigating Relationships

I do my best to avoid awkward situations, especially when divorces come into play. We’ll talk about who is okay being photographed with whom and whether or not you would like unmarried partners to be included. We can always add group variations to make sure no one gets upset.

Often other family members want to add to the list. A great way to capture some other ‘can’t-miss’ groupings (whole sides of family, a collection of cousins) is to grab them during the cocktail hour or reception. It’s much easier to coral big groups during these times. If you have other shots you want to add like college friends, co-workers, etc. I’m happy to add them to my notes so I don’t miss a thing!


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