Q: Do you work with another photographer?

A: In my basic wedding package I do not include a second photographer. Depending on the wedding, I sometimes bring along an assistant whose main function is to carry gear, set up lighting, help wrangle people and facilitate my role as your photographer. While a second photographer has its advantages it is not always necessary for most weddings. However, if your wedding includes over 250 guests, or has a tricky schedule without a First Look or if there is a lot of travel the studio may advise the addition of a second photographer to ensure best coverage of the event possible. I have a great network of Vermont professional photographers with whom I have collaborated with on weddings. Because they have their own business as well, early decisions on including a second photographer with your package ensures their availability.

Q: I’m not sure if I want an album. Do I have to decide now?

A: No, you can absolutely take your time making that decision. After all, this is how you’re going to enjoy your photos for years to come. The benefits of deciding now include you are locking in your price (which can change down the road), easier selection of images while your online gallery is still active, and having an awesome way to display your wedding photos right off the bat. Also remember that life gets busy fast!

Q: Can I make my own prints and albums from my files?

A: Yes. The thumb drive you will receive has all of the hi-resolution files from your day.  This is perfect for making gift prints for yourself or others. And if you’re crafty and have the time, you can make your own book. The studio recommends that anything printed larger than an 8×12 should really get the professional touch. Wall portraits and albums that are created by Studio SB are carefully enhanced and crafted in a professional lab so that you receive the highest quality heirloom.

Q: How long does it take to get everything?

A: After the wedding I go through a careful process of editing your photos. It typically takes 3-4 weeks for your gallery to go online and your disc and proof prints will ship out then.  If you place a print order, it takes 2-3 weeks for delivery.  Albums take 6-8 weeks at a minimum.

Q: How are my images edited?

A: Basic edits – The proof prints and digital files you receive included in your wedding collection are carefully selected and edited. All of your wedding images are edited for color quality, tone and exposure. Retouching is not a part of this editing process. Retouching – Further retouching is available when you are ordering prints, simple albums, or custom books or is automatically included on any of the images that will be included in custom albums. Retouching can include further fine tuning within specific localized areas of an image, blemish removal and skin smoothing, hair fixes, and removing distracting objects (when possible). Retouching is $25 per image.

Q: Who can access my photos online?

A: Each gallery is protected with a password. You can also forward the link and password to anyone you wish, so you are in control of who sees your images. If there are any photos that you are uncomfortable with the public seeing, they can always be removed from the gallery. Your gallery will be available for one year following your wedding date.

Q: Some of my vendors have requested photos. Can I share with them?

A: Actually, I can make your job easier by doing it for you. Prior to the wedding I get a list of your other vendors so that I can automatically share with them.  They’ve worked hard to help you out so they deserve credit too!