It’s funny how I’ve had so many clients that I’ve had so much in common with. There must be something at work in the universe bringing us together. I genuinely miss these amazing people I’ve been lucky enough to work with!

I’m an organic wedding photographer. It describes my process and my style. Relationships and images grow from natural roots. I take what’s real about you and about your day and craft your wedding story. I like to shoot candid and fade into the background but I’m also willing to nudge the moment when needed. There are times when those truly timeless moments take time to craft. But, I prefer no gimmicks and no filters. Real people. Real color. Real moments.

Under my belt is a long and varied photographic history. In college I completed a BFA in Art Photography from Syracuse University. I traveled, assisted other photographers, and even tossed in some experience as a photojournalist for small newspapers. I eased into my career as a wedding photographer by slowly transitioning rather than jumping in overnight. I discovered what worked for me and what worked for my clients and developed a carefully crafted creative and professional process.

It’s true that I’ve shot over 175 weddings over the past twelve years! I’ve seen so many of Vermont’s beautiful wedding venues as well as some seriously stunning private spots. I’ve seen elegant ballrooms, fantastic tents, rustic barns and everything else in between.

With that experience behind me, I’m also constantly striving for growth. There’s always something new on the horizon or something old that can be done better. I love the term “lifelong learning.”

In life I’m also learning so many things. I’m always on a quest of self discovery. Learning how to be a good mom ranks high on the list! Mastering my garden and creating a mini homestead is another passion. I live in the town I grew up in in Northern Vermont which is proving to be a fabulous community for my husband and I to raise our girls. I love to cook real food, and I run, hike and am learning to meditate. There’s a beautiful crossover in the lessons learned in both work and life and I’m always excited for the journey.

But really, I want to know about you! It’s your story that’s going to make this journey unique and exciting. So please fill me in!

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